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Conditions for registration

  1. The exhibitor states that, by enrolling for the show, he accepts the legal authority of the “Vereniging Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland” (Dutch Kennel Club) and the operation of the “Kynologisch Reglement” (Kennel Club Rules) and that he may be considered to be familiar with these rules.
  2. The exhibitor states that the dog he has entered has not, to his knowledge, during the last 12 weeks been in circumstances where there might have been in danger of infection with canine distemper, or any other infectious disease, and that he will not present his dog if such circumstances should occur between now and the day of the Show.
  3. The exibitor states that the dog he has entered has not had its ears cropped and has not had its tail docked. Dogs with docked tails can participate in this show providing the docking was the result of a medical necessity. The statement concerning the required amputation has be entered in the European animal passport by a practicing veterinarian. This statement has to be available for inspection during the exhibition.
  4. With the entry the exhibitor is committed to pay the entry rate.