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Show rules

Art.1. The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and according to the rules and regulations of the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland.

Art.2. The “Kynologisch reglement van de Raad van Beheer” applies to this exhibition. Every exhibitor is considered to be familiar with these rules and regulations. A copy of these rules and regulations can be obtained at the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland, P.O box 75901, 1070AX Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Art.3. Date and place. The exhibition will take place on Saturday February 5 and Sunday February 6, 2022 at the Autotron, Graafsebaan 133 in Rosmalen. If special circumstances require to change this, the organization can decide to alter place and date.

Art.4. People who want to participate have to register online before January 16, 2022 at You will find banners on the website When online registration is not possible, send the entry form before January 15, 2022 to the secretariat of the show (see page Contact).

As soon as the maximum number of entries is reached, the entry will be closed.

If the place and/or date of the show is changed, the organization can change the date of closure for the entries. Programs, entry-forms and all information is available at the secretariat. Only dogs that have an official pedigree can be entered.

Dogs with ear or skin condition and/or male dogs that do not have two normal testicles are not allowed. Dogs with cropped ears and/or tail are not allowed. Dogs from outside of The Netherlands have to be vaccinated against Rabies. Proof of this can be asked for. Pinch collars are prohibited.

Art. 5. Classes that can be entered.
The valid age is the exact age on the day the dog will be judged. It is not permitted to enter the same dog in more than one class, except the brace class.

  1. Minor Puppy class minimum 4 months but not yet 6 months (no CAC)
  2. Puppy class minimum 6 months but not yet 9 months (no CAC)
  3. Junior class minimum 9 months but not yet 18 months
  4. Intermediate class minimum 15 months but not yet 24 months
  5. Open class minimum 15 months
  6. Working class minimum 15 months, a copy of the statement, that the dog is permitted in this class, must be attached to the entry-form.
  7. Champions class minimum 15 months, the dog needs to have a National or International Champion title. The champions title(s) must be stated on the entry-form. A copy of one of the awards must be attached tot he entry form.
  8. Veteran Class minimum 8 years old
  9. Brace class a dog and a bitch of the same breed and variety and belonging to the same (first mentioned) owner. The dogs entered in this class must be entered in one of the other classes.

Art. 6. Rates. The entry fee is € 58,- per dog, including digital catalogue. A catalogue on paper costs € 5,-. Entry fee for a (minor) puppy is € 35,-. Brace class € 5,- per couple.
By entering the exhibitor undertakes to pay the entry fee, no later than January 15th, 2022. After this date the entry fee will be increased with € 10,- per dog for administration purposes.
If the dog is not accepted in the case of illness or otherwise there will be no refund of the entry fee.
All bank transfer or other costs are charged to you. Payment should be done with the same name as the name on the registration form, quoting the pedigree number.

Art. 7. Judging. Judging starts at 9:30 AM. Judging in the main ring will start around 3:00 PM. Exhibitors have to be in the ring in time and will not receive a warning to come to the ring for the judging.  The catalogue states the order of the judging and the number of the actual ring. Judging will not be delayed for absent dogs. Dogs that are not in time in the ring are considered to be absent.

On this dog show for every officially recognized breed proposals to grant a certificate of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (CACIB) and proposals to grant a certificate of the Raad van Beheer (CAC) can be earned.

Art. 8. Exhibitors and dog scan enter the building between 8:00 AM and 11:45 AM. No appeal is possible on the decision of the veterinarian present.

Art. 9. Because of Fire Department regulations, no tables, benches etc. are allowed next to the judging rings.

Art. 10. On this dog show it is possible to place trade stands at a rate decided by the organization.

Art 11. Only dogs with a certified pedigree can participate in this dog show.

Art. 12. Opening hours and entrance fees.
The exhibition is open from 08:00 AM till 5:30 PM. Entrance fee is € 8,- for adults. Children up to 12 years are free of charge. Fee for 65+ card holders is € 4,-. Dogs from visitors are allowed, entrance fee € 5,-.

Art. 13. If appears, that a entrance ticket is being exploited, then this ticket will immediately be withdrawn.

Art. 14. The organization reserves the right to refuse visitors, without giving reasons, the access to the exhibition or to remove them from the exhibition site.

Art. 15. Every exhibitor is considered to be familiar with the rules of this exhibition.  A confirmation letter of the entry will be sent to every exhibitor.

Art. 16. Every exhibitor accepts the findings of the judge. Every shown dog will be considered to be judged. If the judge dismisses the dog, for whatever reason, this dog is considered to be judged.

Art. 17. Any damage by visitor, shop-owner, exhibitor or dog can never be claimed with the organization of this show. The organization reserves the right to refuse dangerous dogs the access to the exhibition or to remove them from the exhibition site.

Art. 18. When the exhibition cannot go through, due to force majeure, no full refund of the entry fee will be payed. The board considers itself not complied to refund all or part of the entry fees in cases of emergencies.
All fees are including v.a.t., unless otherwise stated.

Art. 19. All exhibitors must adhere strictly to the instructions of the organization. If it is established that an exhibitor or handler of a registered dog does not respect the  show rules and / or instructions given by the organization, the board, in consultation with the delegate of the Raad van Beheer, decide that the concerned dog (s) are excluded from each classification and placement. The board can also remove these dogs. If the board decision will already be granted qualifications and placements fell still. Already awarded prizes can be withdrawn. This decision can not be appealed.

Art. 20. Exhibitors give implicit permission to the organization by enrolling their dogs to use photos and videos of the exhibition for publication on this and future exhibitions. Photos and footage will never be sold to third parties.